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Al Hikma, meaning Wisdom, was born from the work and aspirations of a number of daees involved in Islamic Societies (ISOCs) and community outreach dawah initiatives. This was conducted with the support from a range of diverse ullema and daees.


Al Hikma works both within the Muslim community and with the wider non Muslim community to create a better understanding of the pristine teachings of Islam. Al Hikma’s public events are open to all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Al Hikma believes that British Muslims have a responsibility to articulate their faith both to Muslims and non-Muslims. The community is a key concern and as such Al Hikma have extended their services to work with a range of other organisations such as West Midlands Fire Services, local university student societies, different faith leaders and the like.


Al Hikma Media from its onset has remained a non-profit organisation in which our volunteers work feesabilillah (for the sake of Allah) in the attempt to fulfil their obligation of presenting the pristine teachings of Islam and to attain the pleasure of Allah (swt). All of our members are either students or have professional jobs and do not take any salary from Al Hikma ensuring every penny is spent in delivering the message. This practice ensures that the volunteer’s sole intention of their dawah work is for the deen and not for any financial benefit. The brothers and sisters who run the organisation is an example of how ordinary Muslims can make a difference in the society they live.


Holding strongly on the Islamic value of inclusivity Al Hikma ensures that its services are open to both men and women. Furthermore sisters are also encouraged to be part of the Dawah and are empowered with positions of responsibility in executing the Dawah within the Islamic framework.

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