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"100% Transparency Policy"


We believe that every donor should have the right to know how their donation is spent on Humanitarian Aid projects they support. An educated donor is a wise donor. If the facts are presented in black and white then the benefactor can make a knowledge based decision. Furthermore those entrusted with the ammanah / responsibility of delivering Humanitarian Aid should be fully accountable. As such we have introduced a 100% Transparency Policy on all Humanitarian Aid donations. What does this exactly mean? This means we will provide you a full detailed and transparent breakdown of how your donation is spent in delivering the aid. For example, if there is a food pack for £40 people often think that food pack which they are donating consists of £40 worth of food products. This is rarely the case. What £40 food pack normally means is that is the cost of delivering the food pack. Part of that money will go to delivery, packaging, staff costs etc.  Any Humanitarian Aid project we implement we will give a cost break so you know exactly how your money is being spent.


On a side note Al Hikma does not deduct any monies from specific Humanitarian Aid Donations to cover their own costs. All costs incurred is for the actual project and the third party locals on the ground delivering the aid (all which will be transparently broken down and explained). Al Hikma costs are covered through specific admin donation requests and through stall rentals /sales from events.

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Al Hikma Aid - 100% Transparency

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