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Unite Muslims' Convention – Al Hikma is a pioneer in delivering conventions and conferences gaining international recognition for it’s signatory event, the United Muslims’ Convention, which has been recognised as the largest annual convention open to both brothers and sisters. The unique aspect of this convention is that it helps unite Muslim scholars and activists from different backgrounds and brings an array of activities all under one roof including speeches, nasheed, Q&A sessions, interfaith activities, kids talent show, youth workshops, Deaf Muslim workshops, BSL interpretation of speeches, Islamic matrimonial events, souks, fundraising for charities and much more.


Islamic Summit – This is Al Hikma’s annual winter conference that is focused on dealing with real issues and current topical issues affecting the Muslim community in Britain.


Courses – Al Hikma’s sister organisation, Islamic College of England (ICE), delivers short intensive courses normally in a one day or two day intensive format. These courses have covered an array of subject matters including Mothers of The Believers, The Life of Ali (ra), Seerah of the beloved Prophet (saw), Science of Hadith, Science of Quran, Dawah Training, Fiqh of Marriage/Salah/Taharah/Fasting/Hajj and many others.


Dawah Diploma – The Dawah Diploma is a structured academic course that aims to train individuals who demonstrate a passion and drive to become effective Da’ees. The Dawah Diploma will host some of the leading Da’ees from across the globe who are specialists in their field and possess years of experience.

The Dawah Diploma provides a unique opportunity not only for the students of the diploma, but for our Supporting sponsors. The first ever diploma of its kind in the UK provided by the Islamic College of England and taught by some of the worlds most renowned scholars and da’ees.


Publications – Al Hikma has published books authored by scholars and is in the process of producing further Islamic material for dawah and for Muslims wishing to learn the basics of their deen.


Explore Islam Exhibition – Al Hikma has had great involvement in presenting Islam to non-Muslims. This has been done with public bodies such as the police, educational institutions, clergy of other faiths and the general public. One initiative to help create awareness of Islam and its achievements is the concept of the Explore Islam Exhibition. This is intended to be a portable exhibition consisting of Pop up stands and other displays that can be used at Islamic Awareness events to positively present Islamic values. Traditionally such dawah literature has been in the form of an apologetic method trying to justify Islamic values of inheritance, gender equality, non violence etc. Instead of using an apologetic method Al Hikma decided to use the method of presenting real positive examples that will indirectly make the point via the exhibition and associated dawah material. The explore Islam Exhibition will be an ongoing project which will add new phases to it. Inshallah over time we will produce short Islamic documentaries to address certain issues.


Support to Other Organisations – Al Hikma has provided support to various Islamic organisations and has forged good working relationships with them. Instead of reinventing the wheel and exporting the Al Hikma brand to regions throughout UK Al Hikma prefers to work with existing organisations on the ground to help deliver programmes through channels already established within the community. The help provided by Al Hikma includes supports to masjids in the provision of fluent English speaking scholars / teachers / khateebs, support for new Islamic magazines engaging in dawah and the like.



Support for Charities – Al Hikma has been working with a number of British based charities in the delivery of various humanitarian aid work and other charitable projects. Al Hikma has forged a good relationship with a number of charities and have helped raise funds for various projects that have had a life changing experience on people around the world.

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