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Al Hikma wants to encourage all people to attend and benefit from the dawah events. By adopting a “free entrance” policy Al Hikma has aided in removing the financial barrier of “entrance fees” that may deter some people (especially students) wanting to learn or be inspired by Islam but not have the financial means to do so. To date, all of our conventions, speeches and debates have had a free entrance policy. This policy makes the dawah work very difficult as high costs are incurred. The continuation of this approach can only be maintained by your generous donations, sponsorships and most importantly - duas.


The purpose of Al Hikma is to act as a vehicle to serve the Deen (way of life) of Islam. Al Hikma aims to be in the servitude of the Muslim community by making available a range of services to help individuals and the community build their relationship with the Creator and the rest of humankind in accordance to Islam. This is executed via a range of used to promote Islam and Islamic values both to Muslims and non-Muslims.

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