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Imam John (Yahya) Ederer was born in Oklahoma City , USA . He accepted Islam in 1998 after trying to reconcile his life and spirituality. This self/spiritual search began as a result of going through some tough times being involved with a rough group of individuals, yet at the same time having a strong innate spiritual inclination to Almighty God.


Imam John (Yahya) Ederer (USA)

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood (UK)

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood was born in England and has gained licences to teach (Ijaazas) in many Islamic Sciences including Quran, Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Traditions (Hadith) of The Prophet (saw) from various Shuyukh.







Shaykh Jamal Ud Deen Haysaw (USA)

Shaykh Jamal ud-Deen Haysaw  is originally from Chicago, Illinois, obtained his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Southern Illinois University. In the summer of 1992, he converted to Islam and subsequently travelled to Damascus, Syria where he studied Arabic and Islamic Studies at  Abu Nur and the University of Damascus for three years.

Shaykh Dr. Muhammad An Ninawy (USA)

Shaykh Dr. Sayed Muhammad Yahya Al Hussainy Al-Ninowy, a descendant of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) from the family of Imam Husayn, began his study under his father, Sayyed Yahya, memorising the Glorious Qur'an and acquiring knowledge in many of the Islamic disciplines, including Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith and Ihsaan, with ijaazas (license to teach). He particularly specialises in the fields of Hadeeth and Tawheed.

Imam Shabir Ally (Canada)

Imaam Shabir Ally holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature, and an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Quranic Exegesis.

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis (UK)

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer and intellectual activist. He is particularly interested in Islam, politics, western and Islamic philosophy. Hamza has debated prominent academics and intellectuals and delivers presentations across the world on various topics; ranging from ‘Does God Exist’ to ‘Can we live better lives without Religion’.

Abdur Raheem Green was born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania. His father was a colonial administrator in the then extant British Empire. By the time he was walking the old colonies were getting their independence, and his family moved back to the UK. He was sent to a Roman Catholic Monastic boarding school, Gilling Castle and then onto Ampleforth College. It was there that he really started to question what life was all about and how much sense the traditions he was being brought up with really made.

Abdul Raheem Green (UK)

Shaykh Ra'fat Najm Al Azhari (New Zealand)

Shaykh Rafat Najm is of Egyptian origin. He began his studies with a BA in Law & Islamic Law from Ain-Shams University in Egypt . Following this the Shaykh then embarked upon his studies in the faculty of Usool-ul-Deen at the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo

After graduating form Al Azahr Shaykh Rafat moved to New Zealand . He undertook many short courses in New Zealand to prepare himself for the dawah efforts for that environment. Through such courses he managed to further develop his teaching skills allowing him to be recognised as a professional “workshop style” tutor.

Ather Khan (India)

Ather Khan is an Electronics & Communication engineer by professional training who opted to spread the word of Allah”, would be an apt description of this 29 year old public speaker & trainer, who’s journey into the world of comparative religion & Da’wah started at the age of 21 as a participant of the Da’wah Training Programme conducted by Dr. Zakir Naik at IRF, Mumbai in the year 2001.

The zeal within him in clarifying misconceptions about Islam was kindled by Shaikh Ahmed Deedat & Dr. Zakir Naik and this exposure to these world renowned scholars resulted in him  choosing  Da’wah  over  Engineering. Being a passionate full time Da’ee since 2002, specializing in inter-faith dialogues.

Imam Suhaib Webb was born and raised in Oklahoma. He completed his early Islamic Studies there while working on his bachelors in Elementary Education. After completion of his degree he assumed the position of Imam at a local Islamic Center.


Recently he moved to Santa Clara California to continue his work with The Muslim American Society. Currently, the Imam lives in Cairo where he studies Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University. He is married with two children.

Shaykh Hassan Ali (UK)

Sheikh Hasan was born and brought up in the West Midlands of England and his early years were spent in secular education in state schools. At the age of fourteen he embarked upon studying Islamic sciences at traditional boarding schools in Darul Uloom Dewsbury UK. First he memorised the Qur'an during GCSE studies and then began to learn the Arabic language together with many other sciences (known as theDars Nizami).











Shaykh Rajab Zaki Al Azhari (Eygpt)

Shaykh Rajab Zaki is a prominent and respected Imaam from Egypt who is visually impaired. The Shaykh lost his eyesight in childhood yet at the tender age of six he managed to memorise the entire Quran without being able to see it. Not being deterred by his loss of eye sight the Shaykh went on to graduate from the prestigious Al Azhar University in Egypt .

Shaykh Rajab made a great impact on the UK scene through his beautiful recitation in leading tarawee Salah at Birmingham for a number of years. The Shaykh has served at many Islamic institutes in UK including the Ammanah (Muath Centre), The Darr (Muslim Student House) and is currently working with the renowned Muslim tele-evangelist Amir Khalid. In 2008 Shaykh Rajab accepted a position as an advisor to Al Hikma and has partaken in many of their events.

Shaykh Dr. Mansoor Ali started his preliminary Islamic studies at the Darul Uloom Birmingham , and later at Darul Uloom Bury where he completed his Alim studies and gained licences to teach in many Islamic Sciences including Quran, Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Traditions (Hadith). He had the honor of reciting the complete Sahih al-Bukhari to his teacher whilst the other students listened.

Shaykh Dr Mansoor Ali Al Azhari (UK)

Shaykh Suhaib Webb (USA)

Shaykh Muhammad Shafee (UK)

Shaykh Shafi graduated from one of the oldest Islamic seminaries in the UK where he studied Islamic sciences with isnad (unbroken chains of transmission to classical masters) in the fields of Qur'anic recitations and exegesis, Hadith studies and narration of the Six Canonical texts, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), `Aqidah (Doctrine), and Arabic Language.

shaykh shafi.2 shaykh yahay picture shaykh zahir w.p jamal udin sml shykh ninowy shabr ally pic abdul raheeem geen square pic hamza tz ather khan shaykh hassan ali square pic shaykh mansoor square pic abdullah madyun wisam sharieff suhaib-webb1

Wisam Sharieff was born and raised on the east coast. He spent his early years at the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI) and completed his elementary studies at Crescent School. His Islamic studies journey began at the Islamic Institute of Education (IIE) under Mufti Abdullah Saleem in Elgin, Illinois. At IIE, Sharieff completed his memorization of the Qur’an and excelled in his early studies of seerah (biography/way of life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH), tajweed (science of Qur’anic recitation), and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). After three years of study at the institute, Sharieff founded the first after school Qur’anic studies program at his local masjid, ICLI













Imam Wisam Sharieff  (USA)

Imam Abdullah A. Madyun was born in Chicago, USA , to first generation religious Muslim parents that brought him up in a pious environment. He grew up with a strong deep sense of faith (iman), commitment, and strong Islamic fortitude. He is a graduate of Clara Muhammad School, in Chicago, USA, and continued his academic education at one of the City Colleges of Chicago.

He was inspired by the late Imam W. Deen Mohammad who left his fathers religion and converted to sunni Islam to pursue studies in the Middle East at the prestigious Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia. There he studied Arabic and Islamic studies for three years.

Imam Abdullah Madyun  (USA)

rajab az zaki 433 shahrul square pic

Shaykh Shady As Sulaiman (Australia)

Shaykh Dr.Shahrul Hussain Al Azhari (UK)

Al Hikma strongly condemns any form of physical violence committed against fellow British citizens regardless of their faith, sexual orientation, gender or beliefs. It is vital to draw a distinction between actions that Muslims consider to be detestable and sinful such as adultery or rape and the notion of taking the law into one’s own hands. Muslims are not permitted to be the judge, jury and executioner of any crime nor are they permitted to take the law into their own hands. Acts of vigilantism are strongly condemned. However, as British Muslims we reserve the right to act within the legal framework and articulate the pristine teachings of Islam and warn against actions which are harmful to society. We will not shy away in standing up for justice and speaking the truth.

Lorraine Booth (UK) jala ibne saeed

Lauren is a half-sister of Cherie Blair (wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair) and the sixth daughter of the actor Tony Booth.   She is an English broadcaster, journalist and pro-Palestinian activist.  

Lauren was born and grew up in North London. She trained as an actress at the London Academy of Performing Arts spending several years touring Europe with various, regional, theatre companies. In 1997, she entered journalism. During her time as a writer with the Mail on Sunday, she was sent to report on the 2005 Palestinian elections.

Ustadh Jalal was raised in Houston, Texas and moved to the UK in the late 90's where he is based and continues to carry on in the field of da'wah. Jalal is a charismatic speaker who has appeared on a number of international Islamic TV stations and has lectured throughout UK. He is at the forefront of the 1Eid project.

Jalal Ibn Saeed Mohabbat (USA/UK)

Lauren Booth (UK)

Al Hikma has hosted Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Agnostics & Atheist over the years at various events. This has been done in order to create a better understanding of different viewpoints within our pluralistic society. By the very concept of having such differing viewpoints it does not and cannot suggest that Al Hikma agrees with all the views of each speaker it hosts. It is simply a logical impossibility.


Al Hikma would like to extend its appreciation to those who have spoken at events affiliated with Al Hikma or its partners. This includes but is not limited to Christians; Rev. Dr. Stuart Jennings, Rev. Dr. Christopher Lamb, Carlton McDonald, Rev. Richard. Jewish; Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Wiess. Atheist; Peter Atkins, Mike Lake. Hindu; Rakesh. Sikh; Jaraj Singh.



Within the Muslim spectrum Al Hikma works within a range of different orators from various backgrounds and methodologies. This reflects our pro-unity and neutral ethos as an organisation. By allowing for plurality of opinions and the freedom for individuals to express their faith according to their scholarly understandings, we will naturally host diverse positions. Al Hikma is not accountable and does not take any responsibility for personal opinions held by orators (Muslim or not) or views expressed by them on external platforms.

Al Hikma Guest Orators

Guest Orators