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Al Hikma strives to remain a neutral organisation without any divisional group affiliation in its attempt to unite Muslims from diverse backgrounds.


The concept of unity promoted is not that Muslims should leave their rich diverse Islamic backgrounds, heritage, practices or groups and adopt a single methodology. Disparity amongst Muslims in understanding and practises has always existed in Islam right from the time of the early generations till now. However, these variances did not manifest into hatred for fellow Muslims and despite the differences the Muslims remained united on the common good. The call to unity that Al Hikma encourages is for Muslims regardless of their group affiliation to work together on the common good – that any hatred turns into love – that ignorance converts to an understanding and that the love and brotherhood of the Prophetic era returns into the hearts of Muslims today.


Incorporated within the range of services that Al Hikma executes in the promotion of Islam is aiding other Islamic organisations in the delivery of their events. Much of Al Hikma’s work does not necessarily bare Al Hikma’s name. The concern is in delivering the work needed for the deen at the grass root and strategic levels regardless of what banner it is executed under. The call is not necessarily to the organisation; rather the call is to Islam, regardless of which organisation is serving it.


Conventions and conferences are just a small part of Al Hikma Media’s work. Throughout the year, Al Hikma members keep themselves involved in educational, Da’wah (outreach) and social service oriented activities. Al Hikma arranges speaker tours, dialogues, TV programmes, production of exhibition materials and much more. However, demand for our services far exceeds our ability to deliver as all our volunteers have full time work commitments and families to maintain. Therefore we apologise for any shortcomings on our behalf. Perfection belongs to Allah alone.

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Free Entry Policy About Al Hikma Neutral Organisation Current Projects Conferences & Conventions